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I will trust the BBC in not capitalising ‘union jack’ — please comment below if you have any idea why it’s not capitalised. It is slightly premature to redesign the flag without Scotland in it, but some of the ideas are funny and apt like the roundabout one, worth having a look.

What used to be called Ceram is now Lucideon, which brings together Ceram, CICS and M+P Labs (a former GE company) under one new name. Providing materials development, testing and assurance, Lucideon has a strong presence in the UK, USA and Europe and like many companies is working more and more with the Far East. This naming and branding project has been in the works for some time so we are super excited to announce it publicly!

After the launch of the redesigned website, we have now designed the Full-Time Further Education and Higher Education prospectuses for 2014/15. They’re fresh off the press and flying off the shelves at the college!


We are thrilled to announce that we won the Creative Industries Business of the Year in the inaugural West London Business Awards. One discovery we have made today: it is very difficult to photograph glass and we wonder if there should be a Glass Photography category for next year. So we have combined the trophy photo with a shot of our office. It was a fun evening with more than 200 people celebrating at the Heathrow Marriot.






New Bondway logo bronze

New Bondway will rise 168m from the New Southbank area in Nine Elms. It is a mainly residential development from Citygrove and McLaren Property and the brilliance of KPF Architects. We named the development, created an elegant identity and have just launched the responsive website.


Supported by microbanking, and more specifically by, many micro businesses in Uganda are getting more exposure than usual through the Jessie J ‘Price Tag’ lip dub with a cast of 500 Ugandan women. An amazing feat of organisation, and inspiration.

Hot off the press, the new Higher Education 2014/15 prospectus from Amersham & Wycombe College is the first in a series…next up is the hefty Full Time Further Education one.

With the study areas visible through the die-cut tabbed cover, students can see immediately what is on offer and then leaf through the prospectus to find out more about their areas of interest.


I could safely make a bet on which part of this phone box is used more. I love how this iconic but now outdated object has been given new life and purpose. Many phone boxes now offer free wifi, another way to update the telecoms and communication offering.

The phone box is also relevant to a hush-hush naming project we are working on at the moment — when we are creating names for companies and products, we often delve into unexpected and fascinating areas of research.

cashpoint red phone box ATM

Creating company and product names is a specialism of ours here at Grain. Check out this infographic for some tips on how to create a great name.

infographic naming

What does your logo say about your company? Here’s a brief guide, infographic-style, on typography, colour, shape and semantics.

logo infographic

We just found out that we’re on the shortlist for both the ‘Creative Industries Business of the Year’ and the ‘West London Business of the Year’ in the West London Business Awards which are being held by West London Business and Chart Lane. The awards ceremony is on November 28th which is also American Thanksgiving so let’s all keep our fingers crossed that we have a lot to give thanks for on the evening.

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