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Introducing Newland College

by Juli, March 5th 2014 NC Logo 615

We are delighted to announce the launch of Newland College. Set in the heart of Buckinghamshire’s beautiful countryside next to the Chiltern Open Air Museum, Newland College offers the International Baccalaureate programme to 12-17 year olds and is the latest addition to our client Skola’s portfolio of schools. We worked with Skola on the naming, created the new identity, designed and crafted their website and…

Getting into the entrepreneurial mind

by Madelyn, February 28th 2014

The one characteristic that unites all of our clients, across all sectors and all kinds of naming, branding and design we do for them, is entrepreneurial thinking. Though our client size ranges from SMEs to much larger corporates, their mindsets have common features: agility, innovation, authenticity, creativity and inspiration. Plus a powerful desire to grow the company, sometimes to become a serial entrepreneur, sometimes as…

Metamorphising Identity Time

by Sam, February 24th 2014

MIT is the famed Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but the three letters could also stand for ‘Metamorphising Identity Time’ in light of the ever-changing incarnations of the branding for the university’s Media Lab. The logo is generated by an algorithm, creating a bespoke identity for every student and staff member. This video shows it in action.

Signage & environmental design

by Sam, February 17th 2014 signage-environmental-design

How often do you rely on signage? I know I do an awful lot. And not only because my sense of direction is close to appalling. Signs (the majority of the time) are vital. Think of being in a rush on the London Underground: you can walk pretty much non-stop from platform to platform, line to line, and as long as you look up, you’re…

Phonetics in naming

by Juli, February 12th 2014

fəˈnɛtɪks ɪn neɪming In some languages you can look at a written word and be able to pronounce it clearly from the way it is spelled or structured, or hear a word said aloud and be able to spell it exactly. These languages are phonetic. Japanese and Chinese have individual symbols for each sound. Spanish, Italian and Vietnamese are phonetic in the way they use…

Coming to our senses: jazz and graphic design

by Madelyn, February 10th 2014

What is the connection between jazz and wonderful graphic design? The iconic designs of Blue Note Records have a modern day follow-up with the posters for Jazz en Claypole, in Argentina. A feast for the eyes as much as the music satiates the ears.

Lucideon launch

by Madelyn, February 2nd 2014 Lucideon-branding

The beginning of February saw in the launch of Lucideon, the new name for Ceram, M+P Labs and CICS. We worked with the Lucideon team over the course of 2013 to create a new name, visual identity and global brand guidelines for the group which provides materials development, testing and assurance. Founded in 1920 in Stoke-on-Trent as the British Refractories Research Association, the name underwent…

Go outside and get happy!

by Madelyn, January 27th 2014

Following up on our Nature Brand Book initiative, these articles from Oliver Burkeman in The Guardian have caught our eye: ‘You really, really, really ought to spend more time in nature’ from last week, and another one called ‘This column will change your life: nature and nurture’ from March 2013. Both stories talk about the lasting psychological benefits of being outside and even just being…

Why does the USB symbol look like that?

by Madelyn, January 13th 2014

Have you ever wondered why the power button or USB symbol look like they do, or what the little clover-y thing is on the command key on the Apple keyboard? Check out this succinct article on “Origins of Common UI Symbols” and you will ask no more!

The transformation of a Hong Kong apartment

by Madelyn, January 9th 2014

An amazing use of a small space with big creativity. Presented in the PechaKucha format (20 images for 20 seconds each) by the giggly and likeable apartment owner.

Nature Brand Book follow up

by Madelyn, January 9th 2014

It is apt that our first Thought of the year is about the Nature Brand Book since it is a ‘fresh new year’ type of project…encouraging everyone to just get outside! Project Wild Thing, which inspired the Nature Brand Book and video, has published a guest post from us and MediaPoondi has also written a story on it. We’ll keep you posted with any more…

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