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NOKIA: Seven years of design solutions for the telecoms giant
print – packaging

Nokia may have started life as a pulp mill, but the Finnish-based multinational became known across the globe as a pioneering mobile telecoms brand. We’ve worked with Nokia for over seven years, providing trend research and creating everything from product launch invitations, press kits and videos to custom-made presentation boxes.

Nokia N97                                                         Nokia L’Amour


One of our key projects was for an event in Florence launching Nokia L’Amour – a range of handsets aimed at young, fashion-conscious women. Nokia’s product designers had already invested the brand with distinctive creative assets and, in harmony with their work, we created an identity and visual palette for launch materials and point-of-sale.

In 2009 we were appointed to design and supervise the production of 1,000 high-spec, special edition boxes to present the N97 smart phone to brand ambassadors and the media. Other projects have included a launch video for the limited edition Nokia 7200, and a shoulder bag enabling Nokia to present their mobile gaming platform, N-Gage, to journalists – with enough room for a picnic.

“Working with Grain has always been a pleasure. Their ideas are balanced, suitably simple when needed, and they present them with a twist of freshness.”

Minna Rautomaki, Nokia Communications

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